internet marketing
internet marketing

Internet Marketing

With Internet Marketing, you have the opportunity to automate your marketing campaigns. Just imagine, you can create a campaign for a month or two months and then all you have to do is measure the results you are getting. There are a variety of tools that you can use for automating your Internet Marketing efforts. You can use tools like HootSuite and Buffer to schedule bulk schedule content on social media channels. You can also use tools like Marketo and Hubspot to create automated email campaigns for your business. These tools help you to collect email addresses of potential customers, from your website or landing pages. The tools help you to segment these lists according to predefined criteria like product preferences, location, gender, age, action, and behavior etc. You can then schedule customized and personalized email campaigns to each of these segments according to predefined triggers.

Most businesses are now using Internet Marketing because of two primary reasons:
1. It is a cost-effective channel for marketing
2. Media consumption trends are moving towards the internet and therefore you can easily reach out to the masses using the online medium Let’s now look at some of the key types of Internet Marketing with their benefits along with some useful examples and case studies.